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PTG's Ghana Pilot Project Successfully Provides Nourishment and Education to Impoverished Children

Para Ti Global's Ghana Pilot project, carried out on April 1st, 2023, under the Provide Pillar, was a resounding success. The project provided 40 impoverished children in the region with a range of benefits, including nourishing meals, beverages, and snacks, as well as a comprehensive educational experience aboard a chartered bus. Many of the children who participated had never before had the opportunity to visit the Cape Coast, a significant landmark in Ghana.

Opoku Kwame, Para Ti Global's ambassador, praised the support received from the organization's donors and well-wishers in a statement, stating that "As our elders say, he who climbs a good tree will always get a push. It pleases my heart and I wish to show my sincere gratitude for your support . . . Despite the challenges that I encountered during the organization of this trip, the unwavering support of Para Ti Global ensured that it was a triumph. The children were delighted, as evidenced by the images and videos that were shared with you."

According to statistics, Ghana's poverty rate is high, with approximately 23.4% of the population living below the poverty line. Additionally, a significant percentage of primary-school-aged children in the country do not attend school. Through its Ghana Pilot project, Para Ti Global sought to address these challenges and provide a brighter future for children in the region.

The Ghana Pilot project provided an educational experience for the children aboard the chartered bus, which offered a well-curated program on the history and culture of Ghana. The visit to the Cape Coast was particularly significant, as it provided the children with a chance to learn about their country's heritage and deepen their appreciation for its rich history. The project aimed to inspire and motivate the children to pursue education and break the cycle of poverty.

Para Ti Global's work in Ghana reflects the organization's commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Their support for underprivileged children in the region is exemplary, and their efforts will undoubtedly help to transform the lives of those they assist.

It is worth noting that the Ghana Pilot project was just that - a pilot project. Para Ti Global conducted the program as an initial test to evaluate its effectiveness and the feasibility of expanding its reach. The organization is encouraged by the success of the program and is currently exploring how it can expand its reach and support more children in the region. The continued investigation into future involvement underscores Para Ti Global's commitment to carefully considering its efforts to ensure that they make a lasting impact.

See some images and photos of the project below:



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