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About Para Ti Global

     Para Ti Global's story begins on a family trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2014. The Anderson family visited the local city dump and most impoverished areas in the down. The Anderson family realized that even in places that seem wealthy, such as Puerto Vallarta, there can be extreme poverty. It turns out, it is quite common for there to be poverty near resorts in well-known vacation spots such as Hawaii. This moving experience caused the two children of the family, Sophia and Luke, to try and make a difference on their own. Para Ti Global was officially established on January 28th of 2015 and became retroactively tax-exempt by the IRS on February 22nd of 2016. From that moment on, Para Ti Global has continued to grow and reach people in different areas of the world. As our motto states, we aim to pursue our mission of helping children in poverty through our three pillars: providing, preparing, and protecting.

Para Ti Global is an IRS Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) 509(a) private charitable organization.

What We Do

Para Ti Global hold monthly feedings in The Philippines and goes on several mission trips to specific areas in Mexico every year. We also hold special missions such as the "2020 Christmas Toy Drive", "Typhoon Relief" Projects, and currently "Project Protect" to combat the spread of COVID-19. All our projects call under one or more of our Three Pillars.


Who We Are

Para Ti Global is currently managed by the Anderson Family. Para Ti Global would not be successful, however, without help from student ambassadors and our generous volunteers and donors around the world.

Join the Cause

If you would like to help us achive our mission you can do so in several ways. You can donate, volunteer when we have projects, or even manage a Para Ti Global project in your community. Click below for more information


Dedication to Transparency

Para Ti Global is dedicated to transparency in how we operate and use donations. For donation information visit this page.

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