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"Providing for, Preparing, and Protecting our Students."


Our Mission

Para Ti Global or "For You Global" is a 501(c)(3) private non-profit organization whose goal is to ensure that children everywhere, regardless of financial status, upbringing, background, or race have the opportunity to learn and grow. In doing so, we also hope to facilitate an end to poverty by uplifting the young minds of our generation through quality education, medical care, and nutrition. 

Our Vision

We pursue our mission through several different avenues, founded upon our three pillars: Provide, Prepare, and Protect. Under these categories within our organization, we carry out nutritional, educational, and medical support projects, respectively.

How to help

You can do many things to help, like donating monetary funds, giving clothing/school supplies, and volunteering for events and projects. Everything, big or small, helps. Para Ti Global is always seeking helping hands. Anybody, regardless of age or financial background, can assist in the fulfillment of our mission. We usually reach out for volunteers when we hold fundraisers, other events, or go on missions. We thank our supporters.

*Some activities have been suspended for the time being due to COVID-19.

Our Misson


Donations from our generous supporters help make Para Ti Global and its mission a reality. 100% of your donations go directly toward our programs. Your donations are tax deductible. After you donate, a receipt with your donation information will be emailed to you.

See What We are Doing

We recommend all prospective donors visit our YouTube Channel here to see the work we do for themselves!

Para Ti Global Volunteers

See Para Ti Global in Action

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