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UFC Gym Holiday Fundraiser  Competition

This 2023 Holiday season Para Ti Global is partnering with several UFC Gyms on the east and the west coast for a fundraiser competition! The fundraiser kicks off November 27th!


  • For every dollar you donate, your chosen coach does a burpee. 

  • East and West Coast donations will be totaled. See progress 

  • Donate $5 and Score a Gnome or Donate $3 and Grab an Elf 🧝‍♂️

  • All proceeds go towards providing warm holiday 
    meals to impoverished youth internationally.

In 2021, UFC Gym Concord raised $5,000!

Current Gym Standings:

West Coast: $0

East Coast: $0


Pittsburgh, PA: $0
Wayne, NJ: $0
Long Island, NY: $0

Concord, CA: $0
Sunnyvale, CA: $0
San Jose, CA: $0

Total fundraising goal: $15,000

Each coast fundraising goal: $7,500

That's $2,500 per gym!

Make your coaches sweat!!!

For every dollar you donate, your chosen coach has to do a burpee at the end of the fundraiser! Watch the video below to see the 2021 fundraiser!

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