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The Para Ti Global Merit Scholarship

Providing service-driven students the opportunity to learn and grow.

Falls under PTG's "Prepare" Pillar.


The Para Ti Global Merit Scholarship was launched in anticipation of the high school graduating class of 2022. A single $1000 scholarship is awarded to a high school senior dedicated to academic excellence and service. The scholarship money may be used for anything that may help the student succeed in college (school supplies, textbooks, or tuition).

Pillar: Prepare


How to Apply

The Para Ti Global Merit Scholarship Application is extremely short as Para Ti Global's co-founders understand the stress of the college and scholarship application process in a high school senior's life. Click the button below to open the application's pdf. Assuming the applicant has already completed his/her college applications, the application should take less than 15 minutes. Applicants must be seniors in high school. Currently we are limiting applications to the United States.

More Information

The scholarship will be awarded to a student who demonstrates BOTH academic excellence and a dedication to service.

The scholarship recipient is chosen by a committee designated by the Para Ti Global board of directors, as stipulated in our bylaws. The Board of Directors may sit on the committee.

Para Ti Global Scholarship Recipients will have no familial relations to the scholarship committee.

Para Ti Global Supporters can make donations specifically to the scholarship fund through the main donation page. This helps us grow the size of the scholarship we can give! If you are passionate about education please donate to the fund! Your name will be listed on the letter to the scholarship recipient if you donate.

The Para Ti Global Scholarship has just been launched in anticipation of the high school class of 2022. There have not yet been any recipients.

For more information about donations, visit the donation information page linked below.

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