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Project Protect

Para Ti Global's COVID-19 Project.

Falls under PTG's "Protect" Pillar.


Project Protect was launched in April of 2020 by Para Ti Global. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of our usual activities such as mission trips to Mexico were disrupted. We decided to do what we thought was best, we started a special project to slow the spread of COVID-19 among those in need.

Pillar: Protect


What we do

For every $5 donated to Project Protect, we provide approximately 3 masks to low income families. We also ship donors that donate more than $20 one mask and an additional mask for ever $3 more.



As of early January, Para Ti Global is estimated to have provided 25,000 masks to those in poverty in the Philippines and California through Project Protect Events, feedings associated with Project Protect, and the 2020 Christmas Toy Drive.


For more information about donations, visit the donation information page linked below.

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