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Para Ti Global Programs

These are all of Para Ti Globals initiatives including our continuous, special, and seasonal programs.

Continuous Programs

These are initiatives Para Ti Global carries out throughout the year or every year.

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Feeding Hungry Children
Pillar: Provide

Para Ti Global conducts several feedings every year in impoverished areas of the Philippines. Our largest feedings are around Christmas.


Admissions Advising
Pillar: Prepare

Para Ti Global's Admissions Advising Department helps students apply to medical school at low or free rates. This department employs students who just successfully went through the application process, helping them with their tuition and debt. In the future, we hope to help students applying to college.

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The PTG Merit Scholarship
Pillar: Prepare

Para Ti Global's academic and service scholarship. This single scholarship is awarded to a high school senior dedicated to serving children in need. The scholarship's application is extremely short and consists of reporting grades, extracurriculars, and the applicant's college personal statement.

Current Special Programs

These are unique or specific programs Para Ti Global is currently operating.

Project Protect
Pillar: Protect

Para Ti Global's main COVID-19 Project. Started April of 2020 to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Project Protect

Seasonal Programs

These are seasonal projects Para Ti Global conducts annually.

Christmas Toy Drive
Pillar: Provide

Every year around Christmas, Para Ti Global conducts a Toy Drive for its local region, the Bay Area!

Christmas Feedings
Pillar: Provide

Para Ti Global conducts major feeding projects every Christmas season. See the 2022 plan here and donate using the button below.

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