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Duties of the President

Current President: Luke Anderson

From "Article 6 - Officers" of Non-Profit Bylaws of Para Ti Global

"It shall be the responsibility of the President, in general, to supervise and conduct all activities and operations of the Corporation/Organization, subject to the control, advice and consent of the Board of Directors. The President shall keep the Board of Directors completely informed, shall freely consult with them in relation to all activities of the Corporation/Organization, and shall see that all orders and/or resolutions of the Board are carried out to the effect intended. The Board of Directors may place the President under a contract of employment where appropriate. The President shall be empowered to act, speak for, or otherwise represent the Corporation/Organization between meetings of the Board. The President shall be responsible for the hiring and firing of all personnel, and shall be responsible for keeping the Board informed at all times of the staff performance and for implementing any personnel policies which may be adopted and implemented by the Board. The President, at all times, is authorized to contract, receive, deposit, disburse and account for all funds of the Corporation/Organization, to execute in the name of the Corporation/Organization all contracts and other documents authorized either generally or specifically by the Board to be executed by the Corporation/Organization, and to negotiate any and all material business transactions of the Corporation/Organization."

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