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PTG's Rapid Response Team Aids Impoverished Children Affected by Typhoon Mawar


Para Ti Global’s Rapid Response Team Provides Hot Meals and School Supplies to Impoverished Children Affected by Typhoon Mawar in Cavite, Philippines

[Cavite, Philippines] - Para Ti Global, a leading nonprofit organization committed to helping youth pursue their education, successfully executed a humanitarian project through its Rapid Response Team under its Protect Pillar, providing essential support to 100 impoverished children affected by Typhoon Mawar, also known as Super Typhoon Betty, in Cavite, Philippines. The project, sponsored by the generous contribution of Jasmin Sustal, a dedicated Bay Area volunteer and donor, aimed to alleviate the immediate needs of the affected children and families.

In collaboration with local government officials from the Barangay and conducted by 20 dedicated Para Ti Global volunteers, the organization overcame extreme flooding and property damage to distribute hot meals and school supplies to those most affected by the devastating typhoon. Many of the volunteers themselves had experienced the destructive force of the typhoon firsthand, making their commitment and perseverance even more remarkable.

The torrential rains and relentless waves brought about immense distress and fear among the children and their parents, who tragically lost so much, some including their homes. Forced to take shelter in evacuation centers until the waters subsided, they found themselves without food, water, and a place to stay. In this critical time, Para Ti Global received a desperate message requesting assistance on behalf of the affected children. Understanding the urgency of the situation, Agnes "Rhoda" Castro, PTG Senior South San Francisco Regional Manager, promptly reached out to PTG President Luke T. Anderson, who approved an emergency fund to provide nourishment for the children, their parents, and the dedicated volunteers.

Moved by the plight of the affected children, Jasmin Sustal decided to extend her support by donating school supplies, ensuring that these young individuals could resume their education despite the challenges they faced. Through the unwavering dedication of Agnes "Rhoda" Castro, the coordination of financial transactions and security measures was efficiently handled by longtime PTG Philippines Managers Michael and Mheann Morales.

Agnes "Rhoda" Castro, reflecting on the experiences of the affected families, shared the following thoughts: "As the rain started pouring, the big waves followed. The children and their parents were distressed and afraid. They lost everything. The waves took their houses. They had no food, no water, and a no place to stay. They were briefly sent to an evacuation center where they stayed until the water subsided. Someone asked me, as a Para Ti Global Representative, to help. They said, 'We know that in emergency events, PTG tries to assist children in need - we need help, please.' I immediately contacted the President of PTG, Luke, and he approved an emergency disbursement project to feed the children and volunteers. My friend Jasmin decided to also help and donate school supplies for all the kids."

Expressing heartfelt gratitude, Yolanda Enriquez, a new Para Ti Global Volunteer affected by the typhoon, stated, "The waves took our house away with the tides, but our hearts were lifted by the continued support of Para Ti Global. Mabuhay po kayo Para Ti Global... Sana po hindi ninyo kami makalimutan.” (Last part translates to: “Long live Para Ti Global. I hope you will not forget us.”)

Para Ti Global extends its sincerest gratitude to all the donors, volunteers, and supporters who made this vital project possible. Your contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of these children and their families. To continue supporting Para Ti Global's crucial initiatives and to ensure that more communities in need receive the assistance they require, please consider making a donation at



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