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Para Ti Global's 2022 Back to School Event

On September 16th, 2022, Para Ti Global conducted a back to school event in Barangay 81, Caloocan City, Philippines to aid 800 young students as they began the new school year. Para Ti Global volunteers, under the Prepare Pillar of Para Ti Global’s mission, provided pencils, several notebooks, paper, crayons, a ruler, and a donut treat to 800 children in a green eco-friendly bag. Para Ti Global is grateful to all volunteers who made this event possible.

“We are excited to share this event with our supporters and donors. While we have had large feedings in the past, this is the largest school supply event we have ever conducted. We are particularly happy to conduct this event at the beginning of the school year at a time when much of the world is in a difficult economic situation.” notes the Para Ti Global Board.

A special thanks to barangay 81 and all volunteers!


Some photos and videos of the project:


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