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Para Ti Global Rapid Response Team Aids Victims of Burned Down Neighborhood in the Philippines

Para Ti Global's Rapid Response team sprang into action on April 1st, 2023, under the Protect Pillar, to respond to the victims of the devastating fire that swept through Napindan, Taguig. The team wasted no time in providing essential support to the community, with meals and other necessities that provided a lifeline to those in need.

Over the course of the day, the team provided meals to 55 people in the community, which included chicken, rice, noodles, drinks, and cookies. Additionally, they also provided blankets to help those affected by the fire. The swift and comprehensive response from Para Ti Global's Rapid Response team brought a glimmer of hope to a community that has been severely impacted by this tragic event.

The event was successfully led by Senior Ambassadors Jennifer Gonzales, Ricky Gonzales, and Roi Ezekiel Torres, who coordinated efforts to ensure that the aid was distributed effectively and efficiently to those in need.

Senior Ambassador Jennifer Gonzales recounts the experience, "They were all crying, they didn’t know what to do because they lost everything . . . their house, their clothing, their children’s schoolwork and all of their books. The only thing that they have is what they had on their bodies. They came up to me and asked me for help knowing that I am an ambassador of Para Ti Global. Para Ti Global immediately helped; [PTG] went and bought a lot of food and they immediately delivered it to the people who are presently living in the church. They were all crying and said that they’re deeply thankful for everything that Para Ti Global has given to them: Not just hot food but for thinking of them during this time of need."

Para Ti Global's commitment to its Protect Pillar is exemplified by the actions of its Rapid Response team, who worked tirelessly to provide much-needed assistance to those affected by the fire. Para Ti Global's mission is to aid youth to pursue their education, and this response to an area PTG holds frequent feedings for impoverished youth demonstrates the organization's unwavering commitment to that mission.

As of now, the fire victims are forced to live in a church and are unsure of what their next steps will be, as the devastating fire has left them with little to no resources.

Some photos/videos of this effort:

Note: Please note that due to the urgent nature of the response to the fire in Napindan, Taguig, the photos and video captured during the event may be of low quality. The Rapid Response team was focused on providing immediate assistance to those in need, and the documentation of the event was done quickly and efficiently to avoid any delay in aid distribution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that the documentation still provides insight into the valuable work carried out by Para Ti Global's Rapid Response team.


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