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Para Ti Global Conducts Successful Feeding in Samar, Visayas

On January 30th, 2022, under the Provide Pillar, Para Ti Global provided meals for 1,000 low-income children in Samar, Visayas.

Haidee Abaigar, PTG Manager of the Visayan Region, says, "Most of the children are from no income families. Sometimes the parents have jobs and sometimes not. They are fishermen, farmers, and laborers. A lot of children in Visayas do not go to school because of huge family sizes and instead of paying for school they would use the money to buy food instead."

Luke T. Anderson, Para Ti Global President, notes, "This feeding in Samar was one of our most efficient, largest feedings yet. I am so grateful to our donors for making what we do possible."

A special thanks to:

  • Jose P. Gabon Barangay Captain Pagsaogan

  • Magdalena Bacaycay Barangay Captain Tigbawon Paranasa Samar Region VIII

  • Haidee Abaigar, Manager of Visayan Region, Philippines

  • to all volunteers especially MC Jovelyn Agus & and Simon Gabon



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