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Para Ti Global Conducts Successful Feeding in Bagong Barrio, Philippines for a great 2022 Christmas

On December 23nd, 2022, under the Provide Pillar, Para Ti Global provided Christmas meals for 3,000 low-income children in Barangay 150, Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City, Philippines as part of its 2022 Christmas Program.

With help from local Barangay representatives, Para Ti Global distributed food, water, 2 toothbrushes, and a bubble wand to each child in poverty. This event marked the largest feeding program of Para Ti Global’s 2022 Christmas programs! The feeding went smoothly and all the children were happy.

Michael and Mary Ann Morales, regional Para Ti Global managers, say, “Since Para Ti Global began, me and my husband have been supporters. I feel joyful and so blessed to be a part of Para Ti Global. Bagong Barrio is full of kids in need in a very poor place. Many children don't have education, milk, or food. Many don’t have anything. They need us, they need Para Ti, they need people who care. The families here are so thankful that Para Ti came to their lives. .”

Please see photos and videos of the feeding below (it may take several weeks after the event for all official media to be uploaded here):


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