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The Para Ti Global "Big Donor" Mug

Para Ti Global's Key Supporters Appreciation Project


Para Ti Global would like to sincerely thank our "Big Donors" and other key supporters. To do this, we created several "Big Donor" mugs to present to our important supporters.

Started: January 11, 2021

Who is Eligible?

  • Donors who donate $250 or more at once to the main donation form will be offered a mug through the donation software.

  • Key supporters/volunteers that ask for a mug

  • Other supporters at a Para Ti Global's discretion

Contact us here for more info or to request your mug.


Does this take money out of Para Ti Global Programs?

Yes. "Big Donor" mugs cost money which is why we ask all donors that are eligible for approval for us to ship them a mug. We want to show our appreciation but will not send you a mug if you do not want us to spend money making/sending your mug.

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