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Scott Anderson MD, PhD

Position(s): Board Member, Medical Director

Phone: +1 (833) FOR-YOU3 ext. 703


A little about Scott:

     Dr. Scott Anderson performed research for his doctorate in Medical Anthropology in Mexico. In the village of Tzintzuntzan, he noted that elderly persons had medical conditions which he recognized from his background as a physician. Years later, he returned to another village outside of Puerto Vallarta with his children Luke and Sophia. He subsequently helped administer Para Ti Global. This time the problem involved young people who lacked resources to maintain healthy diets and pursue education. With the help of his wife Camille and his two dedicated children, Scott is now involved in advising Para Ti Global on Medical issues.

    Scott hopes people will assist Para Ti Global, whether it be financially, or through the investment of time and effort.

     As Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer, Scott has the duties set forth by Para Ti Global Bylaws.

     Scott has served on the Board of Directors since 2016 (Second Term).

     Scott was elected by the Board as Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer on December 22th, 2020.

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