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Adrian Patrick G. Castro

Position(s): Philippines Ambassador


A little about Patrick:

     I’m Adrian Patrick G. Castro, currently living in Caloocan City. I was born on the 5th of January year 1998. I grew up with a broken family which hardly affects my life. But I’m thankful that I have a loving aunt which stand as my mother when I was only 3 years old. I studied at Our Lady of Fatima University (Valenzuela campus) with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. My dream course was actually Architecture because when I was only a kid, I want to build and design my own house. I love arts and it is my life. I love sketching and other stuffs that is related to arts. I often to use it to make an income from it by accepting commission arts. My motto in life is “Life is short so always choose to be happy”, I chose it because when life gets tough, always find a way to get rid of it and be happy. I’m currently on the phase of determining my purpose in life.

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