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Nathan Isip

Position(s): Junior Ambassador

Nate and Jake.jpg

Nathan (left) and his brother, Jacob.

A little about Nathan:

Nathan Isip is a 7th grader at Bernardo Heights Middle School in San Diego. Amazed at what his cousin’s Ate Sophia and Kuya Luke can do to help children in need, he did not hesitate to join Para Ti Global. Nathan knows how fortunate he is to not worry about his basic needs. It breaks his heart to know that there are a lot of children especially in the Philippines that need our help. When given the chance to take part in Para Ti’s Project Protect he was happy to contribute and make a difference in someone’s life. He hopes to continue because he believes that everyone can help out and can make a difference in their little way. Together with his Kindergarten brother Jacob they are proud to say: “Ako ay Para Ti!”.


In his free time, he loves hiking with his family and going to his Brazilian jiu-jitsu class. He loves Math and is looking into a career in technology. 

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