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Jonah San Gabriel

Position(s): PTG Representative, Senior Ambassador


A little about Jonah:

     Jonah San Gabriel is a 16-year-old student at Early College High School who strives to create positive change in any community. As an early ambassador for Para Ti Global, Jonah has undertaken projects both locally and in the Philippines. He was influenced by the Anderson family as well as the increasing amount of poverty in places such as the Bay Area. Because of his work at Para Ti Global, Jonah participates in additional services at his school and communities that strive to help those in need.
     Because Jonah’s family was from one of the poorest third-world countries in the world, he was able to see first-hand what it was like living without any real shelter. Meanwhile, he realized that education would open up many possibilities for children and teenagers alike. As a result, Jonah was motivated to advocate for Para Ti Global and their works. 

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