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Camille Anderson

Position(s): Board Member


Phone: +1 (833) FOR-YOU3 ext. 702


A little about Camille:

     Camille Anderson learned the importance of service from her Filipino parents, Family Medicine doctors from Manila, transplanted to West Virginia in the early 1960s.  Later, Camille's family returned to Manila, where they witnessed parasites, malnutrition, and other signs of poverty, as well as the horrors of Martial Law under the Marcos regime. She wanted her children to realize the importance of service, for the individual and society.

    Camille is bicultural and bilingual, with a connection to the Philippines and to the United States.  She worked as an elder-care home administrator, and anesthesia technologist, before embarking on her charitable activities. "Everyone is special in so many ways- respect should be given to all," is Camille's credo. Thank you to all who support our cause.

          As Vice President, Camille has the duties set forth by Para Ti Global Bylaws.

          As Secretary, Camille has the duties set forth by Para Ti Global Bylaws.

     Camille has served on the Board of Directors since 2016 (Second Term).

     Camille was elected by the Board as Vice President and Secretary on December 22th, 2020.

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