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Arielle Ilano

Position(s): PTG Representative

PTG Headshot_Ilano.JPG

A little about Arielle:

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2018 with degrees in Infectious Diseases and Southeast Asian Studies, believing these courses would provide me insight to the languages, traditions and health concerns of the communities I ultimately want to serve.


I am currently a research associate at the UCSF Cancer Immunotherapy Lab. My research interests include surveying the immune landscape of patients with renal cell carcinoma and interrogating the role of novel immune populations as they relate to clinical response.


As an aspiring medical student, I seek to balance translational research with inclusive patientcare. In light of COVID-19, I believe there is a need for clinical trials and novel therapeutics to be more accessible to those most heavily impacted.


I am currently based in San Francisco. In addition to Para Ti Global, I volunteer at Mabuhay Health Center, a free clinic that delivers care to the underserved Filipino community in San Francisco. I consider myself incredibly privileged to have had opportunities not easily available to many youths and seek to share my resources and time to uplift the communities I’ve considered home, both here and abroad in the Philippines.


In my free time, I enjoy staying active—in particular, skiing and long-distance running. I’ve recently become a plant enthusiast, a hobby that I share with my mom (but hide from my dad).

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